Autostop Pierwszy, Dokoła Europy/Hitch Hike First, Around Europe [12-07.2015]

It was over 3128 kilometers (I'm still trying to count the exact number), 12 days, 7 countries and a lot of cities, towns, gas stations, coffee places... Few rolls of film as well as many amazing memories and wonderful people. So it should feel like something unbelievably marvelous happened, and it truly did, but I have that 'going to grocery store' feeling. Putting down backpack is like putting down bags with food, unpacking it is like putting groceries away. While so many people finds traveling something impressive, crazy, tiring, stressful, adventurous or whatever (and it is a little bit of everything for sure) that at some point it becomes daily routine for some. Every place seems to be as good to go as other places. Yet another adventure ended and I'm already looking for another

Dzień 1. Lubiąż - Drezno/Day 1st: Lubiąż - Dresden

Dzień 2. Drezno - Norymberga/Day 2nd Dresden - Nuremberg

Autostop Drugi, Portugalia: Arcos -> Proto de Mós -> Arcos/Hitch Hike Second, Portugal: Arcos -> Porto de Mós -> Arcos [6-10.12.15]