środa, 10 sierpnia 2016

The Journey Within: Prologue

It has been long time since anything was posted here. And woah! I bet you did not expect a thing other but related with traveling. Yet, It is funny, how the title of the blog will make new sense in a moment. I am starting a new project, working with women and beautiful feminine energy we all carry around. We are going to get even deeper, more personal, absolutely honest. I am also looking for ladies who are ready to embrace the goddess in them for visual projects, if you are one, do not hesitate to contact me (unless you are not ready to get all raw and genuine, because that is what I am aiming for). Hopefully more is gonna come in soon. So stay tunned! 

This morning I woke up feeling empowered. Connected. Centered. Grounded. Which is quite new after last spiritual and emotional hiccup I have been having. Which is good, and maybe even necessary, because for how long one can be an oasis of peace? There are some people who can tell how hysterically I had been out of balance (here I owe you big thanks for listening, supporting, reminding, and keeping faith that I am able go through that, learn and grow), just to circle back to this pace of stillness again.

Ladies, how many of you is aware of your beautiful energy? How many of you is connected with it? How many of you owns it? If you are at least a bit like I used to be, you just get glimpses of it here and there. Probably in the moments when you stop controlling things around, slip out of the mind to the present moment and act deeply down from your instincts.

How many of you is madly in love with yourself? How many of you does not give a f**k what media, society and all that noise around tries to impose on us? How many of you truly listens to yourself?

If you are at least a little bit like I used to be not that long time ago... Well... You know... It sucks, doesn't it? And feels confusing, and overwhelming in even more confusing way, and makes you feel lost, and out of balance. And you do not know what is the right thing to do, and the right person to be. And maybe you even feel upset or guilty for what you want or/and need. Frustrated? Insecure? Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something, because you were worried how it may be seen and understood by others? Have you ever looked for validation out of yourself? Have you done things just to make yourself feel pretty/valuable/likable/lovable/insert-whatever-fits-you?

What if I told you, it is already there? Inside of you. That you are divine, that you are holly presence, a blessing. That you are a goddess. Yes, you. And you are already the most beautiful being possible, creative energy of the Universe. The thing is just to go back to that center, and shine.


Start listening to your self talk. Pay attention. What do you say to yourself? What kind of words do you use? When do you use 'I am too old for that' or 'it does not fit me'? When do you think 'I cannot'? When are you being judgy? When do you label things/feelings/behaviors? When do you tag as good vs. bad?

We all are part of some kind of social system which gives us certain social roles. A role of daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, aunt or whatever. The roles attached to the job we have, the places we were born, the schools we went, or even that we have not went to any. With those roles attachments follow. Tons of expectations we tried to grow to.

But you are not that.

If I could tell you, what you are, I would say you are a crystal hidden deep inside a rock, covered with mud. With gently fingers, you will go down, and let yourself shine.

Are you up for the journey within? Are you ready to tap in?